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MagiSocial is a hands-off, expert social media management service.

Mouse Trail

Mouse Trail visitor heat-mapping, conversion optimization and real-time user behavior.

Engage Builder

Engage Builder engages audiences through dynamic animation reinforcement with your video.

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How To Achieve Marketing Success In 2018

We know a secret, but it's less a secret than something people have just forgotten all about. We'll help you see how things have changed, and they have REALLY changed, so you can map your path to success.

Stand Out in Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook has been working on their perfect algorithm to optimize News Feed. What do we know about it? Keep reading, it's more important than you may realize.

How to Write a Press Release

You may have heard or read about press releases being the big secret every marketer uses to pair their names with major publications, but are they living up to the hype?

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