“Our experience has shown that the most successful software development projects result from strong partnerships and personal relationships. When we get to know our customers better, we’re able to fully understand their needs and provide solutions that truly meet their objectives. By providing a combination of industry knowledge, unique company culture and a dedicated team, we strive to make every project a lasting success.”

What we do

We will develop your own software, from a simple plugin to full-fledged management systems – no job is too big or too small!

Magi.Dev prides itself in its web devleopment experience – a combined 20 years! We’re also capable of developing desktop applications.

For web development, our preferred languages are PHP and MySQL, combined with client-side scripting in the form of jQuery.

Oftentimes what you need is simply not out there – our goal is always to ensure that your needs are met in a customised application (be it online or in the form of a desktop application) in the shortest timeframe possible, all within your budget.

Our ability to adapt to the latest technology allows us to to provide leading edge solutions that actually work today. Additionally, our internet marketing experience also helps us to incorporate your marketing program into our development practices.

Our services

  • Product Development

  • Front-End Development Services

  • Web Application Development Services

  • System Modernization

  • Managed Support