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Welcome to another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

What's new with social media this week?

EVERYTHING. Seriously, what in the world has just happened.

Read. On. :O




We've all been paying attention right? We've been keeping up with the past Social Media Moments - so we know what precipitated this big mess for Facebook. (wags finger) We know you haven't, but if you're curious about the backstory here - go check 'em out, it's worth doing.

So it appears that Facebook's ever towering ambitions may have finally overreached, and begun to topple...that's no small news.

This doesn't mean that Facebook cannot make a comeback, it sure looked to us like they had plenty of big plans in the works... but they've got their work cut out for them now for sure. Who is the public going to trust now?

They're under investigation by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) a USA based company that is an independent agency of the US government charged with protecting consumers.

What's more? The 'face' of the company Mark Zuckerberg wasn't seen at his own company's briefing on the situation, but maybe he'll appear before Congress. Wednesday, Facebook must send representatives to answer to Congress, only the very first step toward reparation.

It's alleged that Facebook sold private data to a supposed politically affiliated company named Cambridge Analytica. That's a majorly big deal and not a hole easily crawled out of... the worst part of all this is the fact that Facebook has never been as transparent as Twitter, for instance - who offers up what's going on for public scrutiny, flaws and all. They don't care so much that we see it, only that we see they're trying to fix it.

BIG publication Vanity Fair is playing Doomsayer here as well, predicting the end for the giant.

Read more in the links below. Oh, and Cambridge Analytica has suspended their CEO. 🙂


** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
Twitter (almost)

It's more to do with Facebook, but this affects ALL TECH companies with anything to do with social media. Stocks are dropping in major ways after the changes, then the fallout, and even deeper issues. Once public trust is lost, there is no coming back.



We did say it had something to do with Twitter and it does.

People have begun to lose faith in Facebook and they're naturally turning on all other social media as well in a furor. They're rightfully upset and are leaving social media in ways unexpected.

Twitter shares and Snap shares both fell, but Twitter is also facing potential legal action from the Israeli government.

What will come of some of our long-held favorites? Is this another MySpace but farther reaching? What now?

BUT! Since the internet is fond of both cats (clearly) and also comic-based movies - it may come as no surprise that 'Black Panther' is the most Tweeted movie of all time on Twitter.



LinkedIn is adding video filters that look quite a lot like Snapchat's.

Could they be aiming at a newer market?

Maybe, if reports about the filters weren't ... 'boring'.



People are always so surprised by Instagram, and it's usually those who aren't even using it. Those who do, swear by it including Generation Z.

If you're not marketing to them, you should be. They're the future.

Instagram is particularly adept at this and has plenty of lessons for anyone willing to join their network.

They're also adding a Twitter-like element to their retinue: the regram. It'll be a Stories feature and is one which is currently in testing.



You might recall hearing about Pinterest Shopping Ads last year while it was in testing, it's finally out. A year is a decent amount of time to ensure something is ready, and obscenely long for a tech company, but it also shows us they cared to get it right.

It's advised those looking to qualify complete a Pinterest Propel Program sign up form. HERE: business.pinterest.com/en/pinterest-propel
(BUT... do note the fine print at the bottom)

In ... other news... There is a Pinterest recipe for fried pickles that has been saved almost 100,000 times... which has surely gone up since the time of the article's posting. Seriously. If you want to add your number to that list, it's the last source link below. 😀

www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2018/03/20/pinterest-recipe-for-fried-pickles-has-been-saved-almost-10... <🥒


Snapchat got a clapback from Rihanna. A big one, because she told her followers to 'throw away the app' after Snapchat posted an EXTREMELY bad 'minipoll' in poor taste.

They lost over 150 MILLION dollars from their blunder. Ouch.

Lesson? Don't go head to head with a celebrity. Ever. You'll lose. (Unless you're Facebook, which only the FTC can instill fear into) 😉



YouTube and Wikipedia are joining forces to fight fake news.

This is a great move from both companies, but the worry is that it may come too late, with public fear of social media climbing and anger rising, it may not affect YouTube as much - but it will still hurt.

Can this help them by doing this? YouTube stands to make it out of all of the current issues unscathed since it's not primarily a social media outlet.

At least they're making bigger strides to remove fake news and showing an attempt to fix things. Some attempt at all is far better than flat-out denial and hiding from the truth, that's what got the others in so much trouble.

The public likes to see an effort to make the world a little better a place, and to take responsibility for their part. It IS called 'social' media for a reason. This also imparts social responsibility...or it should.

The trouble is - we don't know who is taking advantage of psychological traits in humans by preying upon it, and who actually has our best interests at heart.



What's coming next week? Hopefully a lot less flaming anger and mistrust, things are hot out there.
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Happy Marketing Monday folks!

Here's your tip: Explore.

There is so much out there that you can't possibly see it all in your lifetime.

Explore areas never gone before. Widen your knowledge & find hidden gems.

May this week be truly inspirational!

The Magiweb Team
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