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9 hours ago


Welcome to another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

There are plenty of things to report this week by nearly ALL the bigs.

Go get that cuppa - we'll wait, it's worth it.

We're starting you out with a big one:

A giant media regulator is looking to tighten the noose on tech companies like Facebook and Google. We're talking regulation... goo.gl/ZMUhvC

Okay, two big ones. Where do people get their news from these days on social media?
goo.gl/ohdpT9 (BONUS! It comes with a Pew Research Study)!



For once, Facebook isn't the one in any real trouble, but people have certainly sat up to pay attention to how they're dealing with public discourse - because if nobody sees that they're the biggest agent of change out there, then we're all in a lot of trouble.

It's fine to understand how not-private an online presence is and to give consent to having your information and whatever else out there for whoever wants to poke around to see. It's a whole other thing to remain ignorant to the fact that everything changes among the things posted on Facebook, people get married, divorce, fight, celebrate, get their news, debate government issues, and so much more.

It's become its own entity all by itself, and it's a big part of the future - regardless how much regulation falls on their heads, Facebook will be just fine.

This article is extremely helpful in terms of understanding human interaction/shaping of sociology, especially as it pertains to marketing.



Twitter's allowing people to see their feed in chronological order again, with good reasoning.

Somehow the weirdest thing got popular with social media giants, and it spread before they had a proper chance to see if it had been widely positively received by the public.

The posting of random bits from the past, as 'things you might have missed' showed up all over the place, as well as coordinated posts - posts from something or someone else you chose to follow that were liked by that page owner.

There is a way to stop all of this.

Go to Settings and Privacy > Content Preferences > and turn off the toggle switch at the top.

The article details plenty more, and why it has happened which is equally important.



They've hit 250 MILLION users. That's no small number of people. Big congratulations to Pinterest, one of our own personal favorites.


They know how to celebrate in style as well, they've launched an API that lets brands find AND track influencers!



YouTube has completely given over to vertical video and has a new ad format. With the new size and shape of new smartphones, this seems to be the most effective and most engaging form of video.

Given YouTube's parent company, we're happy to trust this is true.

They're also in similar trouble to Facebook's trial by fire recently as well, being pursued by a Federal Trade Commission complaint started by 23 non-profit privacy and advocacy groups.

The reason it matters so much? It's because they're alleging that children's personal sensitive data is being stored in violation of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

They also know that children watch YouTube more than any other age category.



How in the world did Instagram take 70% of the engagement about Fall TV's lineup even though they only account for 8% of social media posts?

It's all in the very nature of the platform and how quickly things get shared and re-shared.

This data is gold here and can help marketers reach entirely new demographics based on which posts are shared the most, and the content of those posts, tags, where the traffic came from and more.


That's it for this week, we'll see you again next week for another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

Have a great rest of the week!

#SMM #Magiweb #Socialmedianews #VideoMarketing #MarketingTrends #SMM2018
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2 days ago


Happy Marketing Monday folks!

Here's your tip:

If things feel stale, have a promotion/sweepstakes/giveaway/contest!

This and being or becoming an expert on something are the two largest ways to attract new clients.

Have a great week!

#SMM #MarketingMonday #Magiweb
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6 days ago


Welcome to another Wednesday Social Media Moment - ON A THURSDAY!

OOOOPS! This happens when you get a strange Monday off. 🙂 (emergency issue now resolved) ^_^

Without further adieu and our sincerest apologies for not getting this to you yesterday -

We found two great wrapups for you this past week, so sit back and enjoy as the news is wrapped up for you!

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