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19 hours ago



Fun Post Friday

Throwback time!

This is hilarious.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

See you MondayMusic: Ty Parr - National Aerobic Championship Theme: itunes.apple.com/de/album/national-aerobic-championship/id940218821 - Source: 1987 Crystal Ligh...
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3 days ago


Welcome to another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

What's new in social media land this week?

A lot more of the same, but at least it's interesting!

Facebook took the leap and appeared before Parliament in the EU - somewhat, Twitter is still proving its worth, Snapchat is still taking a nosedive hard, YouTube has begun streaming music and LinkedIn has some great marketing tips!

Let's go!


Mark Zuckerberg knows exactly what he's doing, and the fact that he's got the 'good boy' face that inspires trust only helps him cement that everything he's doing is good.

Let's pose this though, recall any book you ever read or any movie you've ever seen, any drama acted out upon a stage. When did the 'bad guy' believe that he was in the wrong? There are two sides to every truth and every sense of what is 'right' but few have it ... right.

Ethics seem like they make perfect sense across the board, but it widely does not take into account differences in culture, values, or morals. Therefore, there is no one right way to do anything.

Zuckerberg is living proof of that, and he's flaunting it at European Parliament by repeating his performance in the USA at Congress. By avoiding specific questions and answering in generalities, he's thumbing his nose at all those in power - saying, without having to - "you can't touch me and you know it".

Some have raised the question of whether the giant should be split apart to destroy an ever growing monopoly.

They're also inspiring a disturbing amount of loyalty in some employees as well... while loyalty in employees is a prized thing, this level of devotion is a bit strange, especially in the face of actual wrongs committed by the company and that's just what we CAN see. Facebook is well known for hiding Oz behind the curtain and hoping we don't notice.



Twitter is getting rid of the TV apps on Roku, Android TV, and XBox. It's coming in 2 days time, and they're trying to funnel the few using these into their first-party mobile apps instead as well as the desktop website.

The weird thing is, nobody's entirely sure why they'd do this since it can't possibly be that much of a monetary drain on the company.

GDPR might be part of that, a large part in fact - but there may be something more there.

Twitter is still doing remarkably well to keep up with its bigger competition, however, and shows little signs of slowing. They're still profitable and still adding users.

It's still a completely viable option for marketers and should not be overlooked or underestimated.



Surely we haven't forgotten LinkedIn so quiet out there?

Surely not - because they're hard at work with Edge demand and Edge technology.

If you're not sure what that means you're not alone. It's relatively newer technology and LinkedIn wants "EdgeCloud" to become their data center hub.

Edge takes into account mobile devices, AI and all the new technology which puts the internet into our daily lives seamlessly without having to actually sit at a computer.

They're hoping the future of the internet changes alongside it - especially with wide sweeping laws taking place around the world like the GDPR and the recent changes to US net neutrality.

Better news from LinkedIn is how to find "warm" leads, which is something
every marketer strives for but few know exactly how to find.

It's being spelled out so you don't have to go searching for it!



You can mute people who are annoying you to pieces now on Instagram!

Glory be. If only it existed in reality. A personal mute which only affected the one listener's ears.

Alas, but Instagram knows what we want and have granted it.

It's their version of Facebook's "unfollow" and people won't know that you can no longer 'hear' them by seeing their drivel.

It's easy too, just tap the three ellipses (...) in the top right and choose mute.

Instant satisfaction.



People everywhere are predicting the fall of Snapchat because nobody can truly compete with YouTube, Facebook, and Facebook-owned Instagram - Twitter seems a bit of an anomaly there.

Snap shares are down well over 50% and that's a huge problem for the tiny company.

If they don't figure out the direction they NEED to go and soon, it'll all be over soon - hopefully you haven't invested the entire bank into Snapchat.

No point in leaving until they're sunk so may as well tap the market which is still stubbornly hanging on to what they're used to.



Speaking of the duopoly taking place as Google and Facebook give each other righteous high-fives... YouTube has started releasing its streaming music service, though it has yet to appear everywhere yet.

It's also not free, but it's pretty cheap at 10 USD a month.

They're about to get some major backing too from Nielsen, the massive ranking service which proves popularity across the board to find out what audiences prefer.

They've long been trusted to provide accurate data and we're certain YouTube is going to be using that data for very serious purposes, and we're hoping it's to deliver even bigger better quality.

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