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There is plenty of information on how to be a successful marketer, but nobody is selling their BIG secret. Read on to learn one of those big secrets and transform yourself into a worthy competitor.

How to Create Ultra-Engaging Posts in 2018

Do you ever wonder why you can create a post that you absolutely love, but it never gets any traction? Your audience might want something different. Read on - we'll help you do it by tapping into empathy to create potent connections with your audience.

Improve Your Marketing Skills

We've all lost our way from time to time. Sometimes we begin a project only to abandon it in favor of the latest, shiniest, new thing. Here's how you can remain centered.

The Importance of Remaining a Centered Marketer

We've all lost our way from time to time. Sometimes we begin a project only to abandon it in favor of the latest, shiniest, new thing. Here's how you can remain centered.

Getting to Know Your Customers in 2018

With the recently rolled out GDPR in the EU, and the broad sweeping privacy controls, it's more important than ever to know your audience.

“Edge Marketing” & How To Use It

By now, you may have seen or heard the term "Edge" referred to most commonly when speaking about cloud computing or high tech like AI. Edge is the way of the future, and if you're not up to snuff on it, you'll lose your... edge.

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17 hours ago


Welcome to another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

What's new in social media land this week?


We've found a gem out there for you which wraps these up quite nicely.

The trick with staying on top of social media is knowing where to look for news and information.

While we release 'breaking' news about the social media giants, it can get tedious week after week when nothing changes from one to the other.

When big changes are not on the horizon, we're sharing gold quality posts from others in the business to help keep you at the precipice of real, valuable change so you can keep your competitive edge.

We're halfway through the week!

Enjoy the reading here: www.socialmediatoday.com/ and we'll have a new Wednesday Social Media Moment for you next week!
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3 days ago


Happy Marketing Monday folks!

Here's your tip:

Have patience, you'll need it.

Don't try to get ahead of yourself, and don't skip steps. The hardest thing to do as a marketer is to wait, but it takes time.

Work on building the middle, not crossing the finish line.

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1 week ago


"We interrupt your regularly scheduled social media moment to bring you another one!


We urge people to share content from others but rarely see it put into practice.
#SMM #Marketing
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