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Welcome to another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

What's new with social media this week?

The mess seems to be sorting itself out now that Facebook's massive 'betrayal' has been ongoing in the media for a while.

People, seem very quick to forgive and eventually forget - which works incredibly well in the favor of social media giants who only thrive due to our continued obsession with social media.

Without further adieu, pick up your coffee, water, or other break-worthy beverage and let us regale you on what's new.


Deflection and diversion are popular tactics when someone is in trouble, even more so when that someone is a huge corporation/business. Facebook and the people involved with Cambridge Analytica are both telling their sides of the story, but the truth is somewhere in the middle.
Neither are as faultless as they claim to be, we're all aware of Facebook doing a 'study' which deliberately manipulated people's emotions by changing what they see in their News Feed as either 'good news' or 'bad news' or just happy or positive posts versus sad or negative posts. They did this without an IRB giving approval, or any other institution giving them backing for their so-called study. Any study involving humans needs to have some serious hoops jumped through to be considered valid, AND ethical, theirs was neither - yet was published. They claimed back then, that their 'terms of use' allowed this manipulation of their customers - apparently the words 'terms of use' are one NASTY umbrella these days, and they certainly do not re-route the need for ethics in research.

You be the judge - the article referenced is the first link.

Now Facebook is being as angelic as the acolyte in a church carrying the candle.

They're publishing things they once held private in an attempt to show they have nothing to hide, and they're also behaving like boy scouts by adhering to the GDPR in the EU passed recently. They're making the most of pushing their good PR in hopes of currying the favor of the recently rabid public.

They've published a list of content that can get you banned. This wasn't always known because if people know it exists and the terms exactly, they can and will find ways around it, or will deliberately skirt the line.

It's the third link if you'd like to discover what these previously secret terms are.

And - if you're part of the EU or would like to see how the GDPR will soon affect all of us in marketing - it's the fourth link.


www.forbes.com/sites/kashmirhill/2014/06/28/facebook-manipulated-689003-users-emotions-for-scienc... <---emotion manipulation




In the past year, Twitter stock is up by 115 percent over last year.

They actually made a profit in Q4 to the tune of 91 MILLION. That's no chump change there, and it makes sense when combined with the next bit of news.

Twitter seems to have sold half a million shares in two days? Their director in fact...

Evan Clark Williams is doing something that is raising investor eyebrows for sure, and causing not a small amount of thrill among those who own shares...but with good cause.

Twitter, despite not having massive growth like its competitors, is doing quite well for itself.




YouTube is publishing their enforcement report, and becoming a lot more militant in what it's allowing and will stand for. Taking advantage of any company owned by Alphabet (proud parents of Google the almighty) is probably not a safe bet these days, but it doesn't stop people from trying to ride its coattails to fame and fortune.

Clearly - the buck really does stop here.

They got rid of 8.3 million videos between October and December 2017 for breaking their standards.

This doesn't even include copyright violators or other legal reasons to take videos down.

They've been busy.

They're also dropping thousands of creators who are managed by umbrella companies to gain advertising dollars.

They pay the creators a percentage of their ad revenue - saving small creators from having to deal with Google AdSense on their own, but they manage tens of thousands of creators. This muddies the waters quite a bit, and the creators often suffer.

No longer, because YouTube is cracking down. If anyone wants to be "internet famous" now, they're going to need to work very hard, very long hours, and earn it.




Even LinkedIn is vulnerable, though perhaps not as much as others.

There is apparently an autofill flaw which lets hackers take visitors personal info, even by just clicking anywhere on the page.

This article is worth the read, and LinkedIn is aware of the vulnerability and working diligently to ensure they have a water-tight ship.

Speaking of - their CEO Jeff Weiner speaks out about how to stay clear of fake news on one's platform, which LinkedIn steered well clear of in the massive social media mess of late.

His advice is pristine, and timely - but best of all? There is something that can be taken from each statement regardless of one's industry. That's solid advice.



Last but not least - if you don't see your fave listed here, it's because they're quiet this week.


Fake news finally made it to Snapchat.

We knew it would happen as they tried to expand and become more like their 'cousins' out there to compete - and so it has.

A nasty message has been circulating, despite being full of typos, supposedly from "Team Snapchat" which tells users that their photos will be deleted due to data server updates and instructs them to share this with their friends.



Stay tuned for next week's Social Media Moment, where we do the digging so you don't have to!

We also have weekly periodicals like blog posts, our Monday Marketing tips and more!

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