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We've all lost our way from time to time. Sometimes we begin a project only to abandon it in favor of the latest, shiniest, new thing. Here's how you can remain centered.

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21 hours ago


It's time again for another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

What's new in social media land this week?

Let's find out!


Facebook has moderators who monitor their content, especially those which get flagged as spam or hateful or otherwise disturbing to the viewer.

The trouble is, Facebook doesn't always care enough to take them down - or rather, that's how it is perceived when a 3rd party Facebook has hired doesn't bother taking down some of the more extreme examples of this.

In an undercover expose - they are left with egg on their face.

They also have no idea when a Page ought to be banned entirely, as uncovered by questioning by Congress... and if THEY don't know, then why are they in charge of that decision?

More news on the Cambridge Analytica scandal with MPs saying the information was accessed from Russia.



Twitter's suffering some growing pains, having issues with verification right now, citing bandwidth problems.

Twitter bots were found to be active in all African votes since 2017 in a study by Portland Communications. This is particularly true for Kenya.



If you didn't know before, now you do! You can add collaborators to your Pinterest Boards, and enable a variety of Pins from differing perspectives. What's better is the fact that you can now make a chat with those collaborators to discuss what is going on the Board through a designated feed.



Public accounts are going to be able to remove followers they've collected and don't actually want without having to go private or block people individually.

They're also upgrading security with a two-factor authenticator to prevent SIM hacking.

Not so good? Instagram's "Questions" feature that we spoke about recently. Nobody saw this coming right? 😛



Teenagers don't watch TV like they used to, though this is also a change in the parents of those teens as well, as they adopt cloud and streaming tech over cable TV and satellite.

Could it be that people are tired of being sharked by the cable companies and inundated with advertisements every 3 minutes?

It comes as no surprise that YouTube is ranked highly among the changes with teens watching at least an hour of it a day.

If marketers are looking for the best way to reach the youngest generation, YouTube is still IT.



That's it for this week - we'll see you again next week, same time for another Social Media Moment!

Hang in there, we're halfway through the week!
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3 days ago


Happy Marketing Monday folks!

Here's your tip:

Share and share alike.

People don't often share posts from their competitors, but they should. Many people are happy to share something of yours in return when they see you appreciate what THEY are posting as well.

Success is not often found alone.

Have a great week!

#SMM #Marketing #MarketingMonday #Magiweb
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