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3 days ago


Welcome to another Thursday Social Media Moment!

We're back with the latest and greatest in social media news this past week.

Stay tuned, our next blogpost goes into detail about Article 13 and what that means for content producers.

Without delay, here is this past week's biggest news!


The biggest Pinterest news is their latest announcement, something a lot of people wait all year for!

Their top trends to try in 2019 based on real user data. This stuff is gold.

Some of the top trends? Travel, especially that which is off the beaten path.
Health and wellness, hobbies and interests and a LOT more.

Take a look at the link below for more golden goodies!



Facebook is no stranger to the news, and this time they're making headlines due to their ongoing battle with ad-blockers.

Their methods are called into question by developers, however, but it also makes their site a lot less efficient and also does a major disservice to visually impaired customers who cannot use screen readers.

The next bit of news shouldn't come as any surprise, because they've been doing it all along, the only difference is that now it's public for all to see.

They sell data to advertisers. Not so great for the public using Facebook, but they should know what they're getting into by using social media and not reading the fine print. It IS good, however, for marketers who need this data to do business.

All those Name Tests, and OMG apps Facebook has been littering the News Feed with lately, they aren't harmless good fun. Facebook is selling your data to the creator of these apps every time you use it, and those aren't the only times your data gets sold. Any time you click on an ad, except when you choose to hide an ad or not see it anymore, your data is also sold.

It's just part of doing business, and if you're a marketer - it could be lucrative while social media moguls like Facebook still have their heads above water.



We haven't had much to say about LinkedIn mostly because a stable business isn't really newsworthy. They're still doing quite well in their niche despite aims by Facebook to unseat them as the top job search/provider of new employment.

They've recently relaunched Pages with new features for businesses.

They've made some significant changes to improve Page conversations, content suggestions that are useful, new tools to engage employees and plenty more.

Read more about it in the link below!



Instagram is also in the news, but it tends to be thanks to parent company Facebook.

Entrepreneur magazine online has given 7 quick ad tips to help e-commerce on Instagram. If you haven't begun selling using Instagram, this may be the perfect time to learn some tricks and add it to your marketing plan!

Some of the top tips? Minimalism in typography, clever usage of the zoom feature, user lifestyle photography and more.

They've also released Creator Accounts made specifically for influencers. That's right, if you're looking for any level of influencer, Instagram may become the very best place to find them!



Also in the news lately is YouTube, but mostly it involves casting shade at Article 13 and trying to work their creators into a frothing frenzy.

While the link below has nothing to do with this, it does have some relation to it.

The link is the most hated video of all time (or will soon be) unseating Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the worst YouTube video ever. Why? They left out some of the creators people have come to love like PewDiePie and others who deserved a spot or at least a mention.

With this on the heels of Article 13's sweeping changes, YouTube's "Rewind" is probably making them wish they actually COULD rewind... and one hopes they'll remember some of their biggest creators next year.

Here's the hated video article, with the link to the actual video in a hyperlink in the first paragraph.


That's it for this week, we're one day closer to Friday and the end of a year! Hang in there, folks!

#SMM #Socialmedianews #IM #DM #Magiweb #Marketing
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4 days ago



This is the most awesome blogpost you can possibly read for holiday marketing, and the very one alluded to in our 7th Podcast Video episode!

It's full of tips on its own, but it also comes with a holiday bonus with over 50 tips from industry giants.
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4 days ago


Marketing during the holidays should be the easiest thing to do, but so many are missing some vital tips!

Don't forget to utilize some of the best, with a blogpost & a bonus set of over 50 pro tips from industry leaders!

The post is in the description!
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