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There is no way you haven't heard about what's going down with Facebook and Twitter, it's all over every channel out there. Most of the reactions are fear - where do you stand?

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Welcome to another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

Bringing you the very best weekly wrapup of all the BIGGEST news out there.

Just have a seat, get your coffee and relax - we'll fill you in on the good stuff.

What's new this week in social media land?


The big media moguls are still talking about how Facebook has seen it's best days and is now on the declining side of the pyramid, heading into its retirement (or whatever they assume comes next).

Due to their business decisions of late, investors fear that Facebook's days as a big boss are numbered.

If you have been following along with us this far, you'll know everything that has led up to this, and why Facebook just isn't that bothered by it. How much wealth does one company actually need anyway?

Facebook has branched out into plenty of other acquisitions, however, and owns enough outside of the name that launched a billion accounts, that it won't hurt them even if they shut down Facebook entirely.

It's far different for their loyal advertisers and consumers, however, who nearly feel hard done by with the changes, and don't like the idea of migrating somewhere else to do the same thing.

In other Facebook news, they've included options for 3D posts to support the industry standard of glTF 2.0 which brings textures, lighting and realistic rendering to rough and shiny objects.

You can now just drag and drop 3D objects into the feed to showcase your designs.



Twitter's faring no better at the moment either, and many are pointing at Del Harvey - Twitter's 25th employee, who was initially hired to fight spammers, and has become the VP of trust and safety at Twitter.

The reasons are legion really - she's made some rather questionable decisions and some clearly biased ones. Rules should always apply fairly to all, not with any sort of bias or bend given to one particular story or another, yet that is what has happened.

Then there is the sheer quantity of problems that she's being flooded with as well, which - to be fair, would be hard for anyone to deal with, let alone someone who grew with the business and didn't have the perfect degree for hitting the 'business standard' for her position.

Twitter isn't able to fight back fake news any better than Facebook either it seems, shown repeatedly anytime there is something newsworthy (and tragic) like the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida USA. Just after that news, hoaxes and fake news spread like wildfire across Twitter.

None of this makes users feel safe, respected, or valued - and while this is the fault of the jackwagon humans who decide to be poor examples of their species, Twitter's job is to handle it so we don't have to.



You'll love this next one. LinkedIn has a big story, not so much one you'd expect but that's why it is so compelling.

We have long believed that you can do anything you set your mind to, but one woman has stretched that line to the finish.

If anyone out there doesn't believe that social media and some ingenuity can get you ANYWHERE, then you need to read the article. How about getting to the Olympics despite no particularly special skill?

Most people fail because they develop the excuse before they even try, or don't believe in their own success at the beginning. If you enter into anything absolutely believing you can do it, you've got much higher chances of success.

What this has to do with marketing should be very obvious 🙂



YouTube has made some people upset, but it's for a good thing. Some time back, kids believed that they didn't have to do what their lame parents did and go get a real job because they could be 'internet famous'.

They still believe it... or need we remind people about Tide Pods...

For quite a while, becoming a YouTuber was to become a legend, and everyone wanted to see how many subscribers they could get, and earn advertising dollars, get rich and famous.

It's not that easy and many MILLIONS upon MILLIONS have tried.

YouTube put into effect TODAY the new criteria for creators to join their Partner Program which earns them AdSense for videos. The criteria are not that harsh, and most of the complaining comes from the smaller and lesser watched YouTube vloggers.

Perhaps this will mean more quality uploading, and less of a push to get anything at all on YouTube to earn money by being... foolish.

YouTube has also announced new punishments for video uploaders who violate their safety standards for their viewers. A few notable times this has happened have been with YouTube legend PewDiePie and Logan Paul who perhaps uploaded one of the worst things ever on YouTube.

This is to help prevent vulnerable people from seeing something they cannot unsee or hear something they cannot unhear. It can cause deep psychological distress to people, and YouTube recognizes this.



Instant replays are now Instagram's area as well in another bid to match Snapchat. They're giving options for images to be viewed once, repeatedly temporarily, or permanently.

With this gauntlet thrown down, Instagram hopes to steal Snapchat's corner of the market, but Snapchat won't take it lying down.



Snapchat doesn't seem too bothered by it and is keeping a cool head as they head the other direction, unphased by Instagram.

They're rolling out a total overhaul, and are now offering a very fun, augmented reality option to people, with messaging capability as expected, and mobile-friendly video. Snapchat is not trying to be a social network anymore.

People are furious, but there again - people, by and large, resist change. They DO, however, get used to it.



Time will tell what happens next, so stay tuned - and we'll see you next Wednesday for another recap!
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