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Content farms, paid influencers, fake news, and the sale of our private data to third party companies. Where has the trust gone and can we get it back?

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Welcome to another Wednesday Social Media Moment!

What's new with social media this week?

Interestingly - a lot.

It seems time-outs are nearly over, and the social media giants are back in action doing things both expected and not.

Read on to find out more!


The article referenced here from the New York Times is one of the very best we've seen during the scandal Facebook has faced, and we strongly urge you to read it in its entirety - it's worth doing.

If you only read one article about any of this, read this one.

It goes into detail about the fact that data collection to 'serve' consumers is nothing new and has compared it with the sensors auto manufacturers place on your car to tell you when to service it. At what point do things stop being helpful and begin to be harmful instead?

It's a great read, set aside a few minutes for it.

The next article is also perfect - provided people actually read it.

It talks about all the personality quizzes which appear harmless and meaningless on Facebook - often hosted by popular aggregate sites like BuzzFeed or plenty of others... and points a finger at them all, stating that more often than not they're used to collect consumer data.

This news comes from those in the industry, so if you're not looking to get more 'customized' ads sent to you, which are directly aimed at your personality and psychology - eliminate those apps from your Facebook list of 'allowed apps' under your privacy/security settings.



Twitter is performing extremely well again and people are saying it's coming back fast. This is all thanks to their statements about advertising and marketing within Twitter - improving their numbers.

Twitter seems to be a prime place for advertisers if they're there - so should you be!



Just what are you up to Pinterest?

They're rolling out business profile pages with monthly viewer counts, to show how many people viewed a pin within the last 30 days. Free data!

There are a lot more perks being offered to business pages, read up to find out more!



Apparently, a lot of people are being hacked on Instagram, which isn't really a surprise if one considers that the sold data from Facebook to questionable third parties means - with them in hot water if those companies are planning to use that data they must do it now or never.

They're trying - and many are succeeding.

They've also managed to hack into a virtual person's account? Yes, you read that right.

Interestingly enough - even avatars who aren't even human get hacked. Second link if you're interested, but be warned, it's weird.



Meanwhile, YouTube keeps addressing an old subject, the demonetization of video ad monies, and the frustration of smaller creators. They've done some work to correct this - and while they can do more - at least they're making efforts at all.



This isn't exactly real - but it is?

Ever wanted YouTube without the mess all around it? Here you go.

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