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It's pre-Friday guys! In honor of recent "Pie Day" (Pi not actual pie) on 3.14.18 - we bring you our top 14 inexpensive ways to promote your business!

Have a fantastic rest of the week, Friday's close!

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It's that time again! Time for your weekly roundup of the best social media news out there this past week.

👩‍💻Here's your Wednesday Social Media Moment.🎙️

What's new in social media this week? Quite a lot, Facebook is working some sort of masterful strategy, and we get glimpses into why. LinkedIn has some pretty major news too! The rest have been busy as ever.

FACEBOOKNBCNN... FACEBOOK. (We're pretty sure)

Facebook is not just starting to list jobs for job searcher matching, they're also creating their own market for news? No wonder they didn't mind dropping rather large media - they wanted to get in on the action themselves.

They're reportedly testing out a news video section for their "Watch" tab which is supposed to happen this summer.

They maintain they are a tech company, but it sure looks like they're getting into the media business, and makes sense when paired with Mark Zuckerberg's goal of making Facebook more 'valuable' to its users.



The CFO at Twitter has rolled out a subscription-based product for businesses to advertise on Twitter. Yep, they're making it super easy for anyone to get the word out about their brand/name/image. In the early days of anything like this, you'll want to be on board, because soon - EVERYONE is going to do this, and it'll become a nuisance to people, which means they'll stop pushing ads as hard. Read more about this in the LinkedIn section under the GDPR.

GREAT ARTICLE about that here: magiwebsa.com/the-law-which-will-change-marketing (A MUST read for every marketer)

Twitter's name has also been thrown around lately due to a large MIT study we'd be surprised you haven't already heard about. It's the one about how fake news spreads faster than real news. The study data comes from Twitter. While this may appear damning to Twitter - it isn't. Twitter has transparency where many big social media giants like Facebook do not. They release their data publicly to prove they aren't hiding from anyone, and are truly doing the best job they can for their public.



GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a big deal, we gave a link to it above in the TWITTER section and it's worth the read. It affects all marketers globally and is a sign of times to come as well.

We live in a time where human contact is largely digital, and the ability to form a relationship is more difficult - especially any form of warm business relationship. The GDPR (a law you need to know about) ensures that marketers and advertisers are not causing harm, misrepresenting themselves, or otherwise causing an issue for their clients - like by selling their private information to others.

LinkedIn jumps on board early and says they'll be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation in May.

LinkedIn has also made it possible to add someone on LinkedIn just by capturing a photo of their business card, even more reason to stick with some things considered 'old fashioned' eh? 🙂



Publishers are looking toward Pinterest hoping they're the best place for new referrals after LinkedIn, and more people have jumped on board since Facebook's big announcement.

The entire concept of pinning being 'instant fun' or an 'instant project' 'instant inspiration' or more, makes it ideal for a quick advertisement that can lead to a sale.



Fake news continues to plague YouTube now - as more people globally are getting access to data plans cheaper via cell phones. People in some places in India, for instance, are getting on YouTube for the first time ever - could you tell the difference between news that is often not local to you, being fake if you'd never seen anything like it before?

It's a problem, but YouTube is getting a bit bad at filtering out the problematic videos - which will happen when you get that big. They somehow 'missed' videos which should have come down far sooner, but in this digital era where we trust human hearts to a machine's algorithm, things get missed. They know they have made mistakes, the take home is they're working to correct them.



Snapchat's been less busy, but they're bringing something fun in. Third party AR lenses to add lens options created by other users.

It stands to be a pretty big deal since people can really show off what they can do and better lenses are sure to be more popular.

That's it for this week, everyone, stay tuned for the next social media moment next Wednesday, we'll see what they're up to then!
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