Many small business owners are doing everything themselves in an effort to save on costs and labor because – how hard can it be after all? 

All Access Pass

True, everyone can post on social media, it’s a right that a user receives the instant they get a username and password combination as their all-access pass to social media-land.  This doesn’t mean that everyone doing so is great at maximizing what it can do for advertisers.

Not Enough Hours

A small business owner is usually caught up with so many other equally important aspects of the company’s day to day operations, that it’s impossible to also be an expert with social media marketing.  There are only so many hours in a day, and even for someone who is single and willing to work a 60-70 hour work week, it’s not a sustainable concept.

I Get By

The majority of people would likely say they’re not an expert at it, but they do fine on their own, and they may see some activity on their social media page, but there is a huge difference between a lake and an ocean, and that’s the degree of separation between a good social media marketing expert or manager, and almost any small business owner.

There just isn’t enough time.

Get Ready

All it takes to realize how quickly the world of social media marketing changes, is to get a quick and fast blast of all the latest news within the last 3 months, and see how much of it was already known, vs newly learned.  

If it has changed enough that this tiny snapshot is ‘news’ to you, imagine how much else has changed, and isn’t known about.  

SMM’s – Experts in The Field

Experts – better known as social media managers, spend their entire time being experts in their chosen trade, and are tasked with keeping up with these changes, and all the others not listed in the list below, but equally important. Trends come and go quickly, and its important to be in front of them as much as possible to stay ahead of the competition. These managers are clued into the latest trends, keyword research, all changes as they relate to search, quality, data/analytics tracking, split testing research and latest best practices and so much more that nobody has time to fit into their normal day.

90 Day Changes

Here’s a snapshot of a small amount of a much larger picture of changes within social media marketing.

  1. LinkedIn – published April 21,2020

    • Company Category and Company Growth Rate are two new target types a user can use to search for B2B leads.  (more here)
  2. YouTube/TikTok/Facebook/Reddit – Published April 3, 2020

    • YouTube to rival TikTok with in app features called “shorts” – why this matters to marketers? It’s a new medium that appeals to the next generation of marketers, and if they move from TikTok to YouTube, there is a better chance to reach them by using their preferred type of media.Facebook makes it easier to connect via video chat with groups of people, due to the global pandemic, they wanted to make it easier to stay in touch with business & family. Why this matters? People are moving into a digital space more and more to connect, making it easier to do business online, including conference calls. This can even include networking with people outside the office using this mode of communication, a great way to ‘grow’ the business without having to hire more in-house staff.Reddit has created the ability to run a poll, which matters when a company is looking for how their prospective audience feels about something. It’s a vast data engine that can be tapped easily by just posing the right question in the right place. (more here)
  3. Pinterest

    • Pinterest has always been more friendly to advertisers than the other social media giants it seems, and they have rolled out new features for retailers as more people flood their site. Perks include: New conversion reporting, updated Catalogs, and more dynamic ways to retarget.

      There is no reason not to be on Pinterest – it’s not just for imagery, and often used for far more. If the Pinterest of old is what’s been stuck in the memory banks, it may be time for a new visit.  (more here)
  4. LinkedIn

    • LinkedIn is getting Stories!  The idea is for a more conversational format so that connections happen more naturally and organically.  Networking should happen more freely if people are talking about something and sharing something together. This matters to marketers, because having a format where people can comment and interact, or feel as though there is a conversation taking place – means more of a chance to communicate to the consumers – and with LinkedIn, many are B2B. (more here)

But Wait There’s More

These are just 4 things that are changing and new on the scene, but there is a vast amount more, and it’s changing so quickly that it’s not possible to be everywhere at once, AND know everything all at once.  If these things came as any sort of surprise, then that’s the norm – not the exception. Most people wouldn’t have known this either without searching for it

Help IS Affordable

Getting help by finding an affordable social media solution is a way to get that expert in the corner working hard as these changes occur to ensure the company stays ahead of the rest.  It was once cost prohibitive to hire a social media marketing manager or even a social media total solution for a company, because even small businesses were being quoted big company pricing.

We Understand

Smaller businesses have far different needs and overhead than large corporations, and Magisocial understands the many differing needs of small business owners, offering total social media solutions that will even write posts for the company, but offers plenty of different packages to ensure all needs are met, especially as the company grows.

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