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Kat is our primary writer at Magiweb, and a recent graduate of Thomas Edison State University. She enjoys all things psychology/social sciences related, and incorporates the many secrets of humanity into her marketing writing. She loves to read, listen to music, gaming, motorcycling, and finding goodness in unexpected places.

Engagement Bait

2019-05-14T08:57:19+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Traffic Optimisation And Analysis, Traffic Sourcing|

Engagement bait is a means of encouraging people to engage in your content for social gain. This is generally done through humor or emotion. Good quality engagement has become rare and most of what we see are companies tricking us into taking action.

Tools for 2019 to Keep you Compliant

2019-03-07T13:13:36+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

Everyone's talking about privacy regulations and how to still advertise at all in this climate. It isn't without cause, as 2018 rocked the boat severely in terms of privacy and regulatory controls. IAB Tech Lab, an industry standard leader has plenty of tips to help keep you compliant in 2019.

Holiday Marketing 2018

2019-03-07T13:13:37+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

The holidays are any company's biggest season for sales, because even if the product or service may not be the perfect gift idea, people are still more willing to part with their money this time of year than at any other. Read on to find out how to make the most of this in 2018!