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About Kajsa Butler AHS, BSocSc

Kat is our primary writer at Magiweb, and a recent graduate of Thomas Edison State University. She enjoys all things psychology/social sciences related, and incorporates the many secrets of humanity into her marketing writing. She loves to read, listen to music, gaming, motorcycling, and finding goodness in unexpected places.

Budget Marketing for a Tight 1st Quarter

2020-01-13T20:44:52+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Traffic Optimisation And Analysis, Traffic Sourcing|

Most small business owners experience the same struggle every year come January. How to keep up marketing budgets when so much goes out at the end of every year both personally and business related.

Free Up Time & Save On Effort

2020-01-13T20:45:22+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Products, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Optimisation And Analysis, Traffic Sourcing|

For every problem, there is usually a solution. Of those without a solution, few are the type without a solution long-term which means that the ability to think critically, to think creatively and openly about solutions, is the key to success.

Marketing in the Time of Brexit

2020-01-13T20:45:09+01:00Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing|

Marketing uncertainty looms in terms of Brexit. The best way to ensure you conform to new practises is by continuously updateing yourself with new information until the dust settles.Alternatively you can follow industry leaders that will keep you updated on any necessary changes.

Why Being Adaptable is a Strong Skill for 2020

2019-07-31T11:15:39+01:00Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Traffic Sourcing|

The landscape for marketing has changed in ways nobody could have predicted. This has often led to last minute rewrites for campaigns and entirely tossed marketing plans, with often a cobbled together solution at the end. Being adaptable is one of the biggest skills anyone can have in 2020.

What Does Engagement Really Mean?

2019-07-18T11:48:45+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

It seems improbable, but there are still many people out there who have no idea what gets ACTUAL engagement from a post. Many of these same people are business owners, who may believe they’re doing enough. It’s wasted effort when it doesn’t work. Here’s what does.

How Long for the Perfect Lead-In?

2019-06-26T09:30:23+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Traffic Optimisation And Analysis, Traffic Sourcing|

This is a huge question whose answer has changed over time. The answer depends on where one chooses to get their information from. Something written in our last article rings true here as well. Sources need to change as times change because success stories will show you how different techniques work and adapt over time.

Engagement Bait

2019-05-14T08:57:19+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Traffic Optimisation And Analysis, Traffic Sourcing|

Engagement bait is a means of encouraging people to engage in your content for social gain. This is generally done through humor or emotion. Good quality engagement has become rare and most of what we see are companies tricking us into taking action.

Tools for 2019 to Keep you Compliant

2019-03-07T13:13:36+01:00Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

Everyone's talking about privacy regulations and how to still advertise at all in this climate. It isn't without cause, as 2018 rocked the boat severely in terms of privacy and regulatory controls. IAB Tech Lab, an industry standard leader has plenty of tips to help keep you compliant in 2019.