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Mark has been with Magiweb since 2011, originally from an architectural background he's done everything from SEO, webdesign, paid advertising and social media management. Now a partner at Magiweb, he heads all things internet marketing related, with an eye for style, and a natural talent toward human psychology; perfect traits in his field.

Showing Support Is Good Business


Support comes in many forms and extends to showing appreciation. People are often willing to do more when they feel appreciated and valued.

SEO Tips For 2019

Marketing, Mobile, Search Engine Optimization|

SEO underwent some drastic changes with the Panda update a few years ago. SEO didn't die, it evolved, and it's still important to know how best to rank.

New Marketing Hurdles – Articles 11 & 13

Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video|

It wasn't long ago that the GDPR swept through and changed the face of privacy laws and marketing strategies. On its heels is something else that stands to rewrite how we market, and will ensure we're compliant or face penalties. We're here to help you navigate these infested waters.

How To Market To Marketers

Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

There are a lot of posts out there about how to market to consumers, but what if your target market is other marketers? How can you market to people who really know what they're doing? If you have a product or service to sell to other marketers, we have some winning tips right here.

Social Media – A Time of Change [2018]

Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

Social media has made vigorous changes in 2018, from the rollout of the GDPR to public outcry about privacy violations from the biggest platforms out there.

Our Top 8 Marketing Tips for 2018

Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

It's a fast-paced world for marketers and it's hard to keep up with the changing times. We're bringing you the best tips for marketing in 2018!

Big Marketing Changes & Trends in 2018

Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing|

Many have already noticed drastic changes in their viewing public on major social media platforms thanks to sweeping changes in privacy and the ever moving tide of popularity common to the fickle public.

Improve Your Marketing Skills

Internet Marketing, Marketing|

We've all lost our way from time to time. Sometimes we begin a project only to abandon it in favor of the latest, shiniest, new thing. Here's how you can remain centered.

“Edge Marketing” & How To Use It

Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Traffic Optimisation And Analysis, Video|

By now, you may have seen or heard the term "Edge" referred to most commonly when speaking about cloud computing or high tech like AI. Edge is the way of the future, and if you're not up to snuff on it, you'll lose your... edge.

Is Your Blog Mobile Friendly?

Marketing, Mobile, Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Optimisation And Analysis, Web Design|

More people access content using an e-reader app on either a phone or tablet than ever before. If your blog or site isn’t mobile-friendly and ready to be read on any size screen, this article is the perfect first step.