Tools for 2019 to Keep you Compliant

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Everyone's talking about privacy regulations and how to still advertise at all in this climate. It isn't without cause, as 2018 rocked the boat severely in terms of privacy and regulatory controls. IAB Tech Lab, an industry standard leader has plenty of tips to help keep you compliant in 2019.

Big Changes for 2019 Social Media

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It's no secret people don't trust social media anymore. Though some will continue to use it, it's on its way out. Recall the days of MySpace? Read on...

Trending Colors For 2019

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Brands are locked into their color scheme, but they have room to play within their articles, posts, and other creative endeavors. 2019 trending color is?

Showing Support Is Good Business


Support comes in many forms and extends to showing appreciation. People are often willing to do more when they feel appreciated and valued.

SEO Tips For 2019

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SEO underwent some drastic changes with the Panda update a few years ago. SEO didn't die, it evolved, and it's still important to know how best to rank.

What Makes a Good Post in 2019

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The art of the social media post is not one mastered by everyone, it takes art and skill to weave words meant to capture the attention of the reader, and to convey your point in an engaging and meaningful way.

New Marketing Hurdles – Articles 11 & 13

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It wasn't long ago that the GDPR swept through and changed the face of privacy laws and marketing strategies. On its heels is something else that stands to rewrite how we market, and will ensure we're compliant or face penalties. We're here to help you navigate these infested waters.

Holiday Marketing 2018

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The holidays are any company's biggest season for sales, because even if the product or service may not be the perfect gift idea, people are still more willing to part with their money this time of year than at any other. Read on to find out how to make the most of this in 2018!

How To Market To Marketers

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There are a lot of posts out there about how to market to consumers, but what if your target market is other marketers? How can you market to people who really know what they're doing? If you have a product or service to sell to other marketers, we have some winning tips right here.

How To Market Into 2019

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Social media isn't bringing in the number of new customers we'd like to see, how do we get new business? 2018 has thrown us some curves, we have the answer.