How to Generate New Leads on Social Media

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Being able to generate new leads is the bread and butter of any business. Being able to turn those leads into clients, is a skill. We can help with both of those things, because getting new leads is easily the hardest part of marketing, especially if a small business.

How to Scale Your Small Business or Startup

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Starting a business is no small task, the labor and passions that go into growing a business out of nearly nothing is a Herculean act. With success, comes the desire to grow, but how does one know when the right time is to do so?

5 E-Commerce Challenges for Small Businesses

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Small businesses have far more pressure points, and a shorter bottom line than their larger competitors, but still need to stay in the game to succeed, which means keeping up anyway. We’ll go through the top 5 of the largest of those pressure points, which will help any small business owner know what to watch for, avoid and learn to beat.

Why Being Adaptable is a Strong Skill for 2020

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The landscape for marketing has changed in ways nobody could have predicted. This has often led to last minute rewrites for campaigns and entirely tossed marketing plans, with often a cobbled together solution at the end. Being adaptable is one of the biggest skills anyone can have in 2020.

What Does Engagement Really Mean?

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It seems improbable, but there are still many people out there who have no idea what gets ACTUAL engagement from a post. Many of these same people are business owners, who may believe they’re doing enough. It’s wasted effort when it doesn’t work. Here’s what does.

How Long for the Perfect Lead-In?

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This is a huge question whose answer has changed over time. The answer depends on where one chooses to get their information from. Something written in our last article rings true here as well. Sources need to change as times change because success stories will show you how different techniques work and adapt over time.

Engagement Bait

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Engagement bait is a means of encouraging people to engage in your content for social gain. This is generally done through humor or emotion. Good quality engagement has become rare and most of what we see are companies tricking us into taking action.