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Social Media Outlets – What to Post Where, and When!

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A good social media strategy takes planning and a lot of thought ahead of time. This means writing things down using something you can erase.

Facebook Advertising, How to Win at Ad Design

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Facebook advertising is growing, it has not stopped growing since its inception and it shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

How to Get Facebook Likes (The RIGHT Way)

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Buying Facebook Likes, we cannot stress enough, is NOT the way to do this. I’ll explain more in detail – as well as offer you winning tips to get ahead.

Content Sourcing – A Time Sink

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Social media creates and destroys trends. To control social media even a little, is to wield true power, yet so few have managed this feat well if at all.

Social Media Management – All in a Day’s Work

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Social media managers spend a good portion of their day on social media, often it can take up the entirety of the day, and there is even a need to have an entire team of people dedicated to the many parts of proper social media management.

Increasing Engagement Through Audio

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If pictures speak a thousand words, then audio must be all the languages of the world when coupled with pictures. There are many ways to help boost the power of your photo content, but none so much as making it into a slide show or presentation complete with audio.

Create Amazing Images For Social Media

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It’s one thing to know how important images are, and that they have to be used, and another altogether to go about creating one.

New Changes to Facebook, How it Affects You

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Our Facebook newsfeed are always changing. Facebook’s Product Management says, “The goal of News Feed is to show people the stories that are most relevant to them.” People will now see more posts from friends and family, and less from publishers and advertisers.

The Newest Social Media Platform is Growing

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Snapchat might bring to mind teenagers who rarely look up from their phones, and while there are quite a lot of users of this app who fit that age range, there’s many young adults using this as well, and older users are quickly jumping on board.

Statistics to Keep Handy For Image Engagement in 2016

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Visual content marketing is the way of the future, this much is certain. One must only look around them in public to see why this is true.