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Increasing Engagement Through Audio

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If pictures speak a thousand words, then audio must be all the languages of the world when coupled with pictures. There are many ways to help boost the power of your photo content, but none so much as making it into a slide show or presentation complete with audio.

Create Amazing Images For Social Media

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It’s one thing to know how important images are, and that they have to be used, and another altogether to go about creating one.

New Changes to Facebook, How it Affects You

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Our Facebook newsfeed are always changing. Facebook’s Product Management says, “The goal of News Feed is to show people the stories that are most relevant to them.” People will now see more posts from friends and family, and less from publishers and advertisers.

The Newest Social Media Platform is Growing

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Snapchat might bring to mind teenagers who rarely look up from their phones, and while there are quite a lot of users of this app who fit that age range, there’s many young adults using this as well, and older users are quickly jumping on board.

Statistics to Keep Handy For Image Engagement in 2016

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Visual content marketing is the way of the future, this much is certain. One must only look around them in public to see why this is true.

Content Writing That Gets Consumed

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Easily one of the biggest mistakes any site makes is not using quality writing to promote their business, services or interests.

11 Quick Tips to Use Social Media Flawlessly

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It seems like everywhere a person looks anymore, there’s some celebrity or business getting backlash for something they said which caught attention from their Twitter feed, or from an interview which went viral on social media. Here's our 11 tips to ensure your social media runs flawlessly.

Millenial Marketing – Why it Matters

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There’s this massive group of young people out there who are largely left out and deliberately forgotten by marketers, who could stand to gain much by using the product or service being offered.

Google the Superbowl Giant

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By now, everyone who is anyone has heard of Google. They are everywhere you look and have delved into all the latest cutting-edge technology that is driving us ever forward at light-speed into furthering this technological revolution.

The Power of Social Media Marketing

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In times gone by, people went door to door, gave out business cards, and relied upon word of mouth to advertise their business. There was so much opportunity for business owners to make plenty of money if they only put in the effort. These days, the competition is fierce, and it can be hard to tell a good business from a bad one when they all advertise online.