For every problem, there is usually a solution. Of those without a solution, few are the type without a solution long-term which means that the ability to think critically, to think creatively and openly about solutions, is the key to success.

Growth Starts Slowly

No small companies are able to grow and also in-house all of their services at the beginning. There are always those outside the company who are contracted to help when money doesn’t allow the higher paycheck commanded by an in-house staff member.

This allows the company to grow by increments, until they can afford their in-house team, and the tasks which are handed off aren’t the kind which hurt the consumer in any way. This isn’t ‘outsourcing’ like most turn their noses up at, and it’s not fully botting a phone or other contact system so there is no way to reach a live representative… ever.  It IS – using small but clever AI to help along a laborious process go faster and smoother.

More Time = Everything

Smaller business owners spend less time with their family out of necessity for the business at the start, and it’s hard on everyone but necessary. Being able to hand off the tasks which take the most grinding to complete, means so much to people who have no time to begin with. These small business owners can and do invest in smaller, portable solutions like

Magisocial, a platform which can help publish posts, research, schedule cross platform, and even has an upgrade option where posts can be written for the company that they don’t have to write themselves, or entire management solutions for ANY size company.

The entire point is to get back the lost time, and clever AI not overpowering – is the answer.

Not Replacement, Enhancement

A company doesn’t want to entirely replace the customer/client experience with a machine, or a robot – though many still do, it’s frowned upon by all others who are operating above board. It frustrates the clients and potential clients before they even have a chance to buy. It’s a poor customer experience and nobody enjoys being part of it.

Keep Quality Control

By only replacing the parts that nobody notices is being done by contracted people rather than the company itself, nobody is harmed in the process, the quality of the work either stays the same, or improves based on multiple perspectives not held prior. This means that both the clients and employees/owner gets back the needed time for families and themselves sorely missing prior and needed for growth.

The reason it isn’t outsourcing as the nasty term has come to be known, is because the people being hired are native English speakers, who have proven writing skills with references available, and a sterling reputation. It’s less outsourcing than hiring a few people to work from home doing something nobody else really wants to do anyway but is needed to grow the company.

Levels of Care

Magisocial helps a company through powerful social media management tools from the lightweight post scheduling tool including research and image creation options ++, all the way to having one’s very own social media manager full-time, to handle every aspect of the company’s social media needs with care.

Get with 2020!

Other types of smart AI choices are filters, creation of original imagery through tools like Canva or other free image tools, and even chat-bots which can answer instant queries through a company’s site or Messenger on Facebook. The queries should be the most common FAQs asked, limited to about 10 options including the ability to subscribe or go to another of the company’s own social media sites. These types of AI don’t replace people, but enhance the ability of the people who DO work locally for the company to give more to their customers by having precious time and energy back.

Less Stress – More Productivity

Feeling less stressed makes everyone happy, and being able to offload the menial, time-consuming chores to a trusted partner in this hyper-connected world, is something which is well worth what is spent for the effort.  One of the best parts of adding clever AI to a company’s arsenal, is the range of choices, pricing and options available choosing any one or more of these tools to help a business skyrocket from small to stratospheric.