By now, everyone who is anyone has heard of Google. They are everywhere you look and have delved into all the latest cutting-edge technology that is driving us ever forward at light-speed into furthering this technological revolution.

Google has always been very client centered, wanting to give their consumers the very best experience possible, so everything they do for the future revolves around that client base. This is great news for marketers because Google wants the same thing you do.

Google has just announced online Real-Time Ads that capitalize on micro-moments. If you can’t wrap your mind around what constitutes a micro-moment, consider the wardrobe malfunction Janet Jackson displayed at her Super Bowl performance. While it was a planned display to go along with Timberlake’s song, it was shocking and got exactly the reaction it was seeking and a lot more. Today, with social media, moments like these turn into monsters with people sharing news about what happened, making memes and rolling jokes across places like Reddit.

This means that Google is able to anticipate this immediate social reaction people go through as a group when moments like this happen and can help you to capitalize on them. It allows through AdWords tools, for a pre-created ad to have a component like a photo or overlaid text, that is updatable instantly that goes along with some event that is garnering huge social attention.

Speculation suggests the ability to instantly spin off an ad based on trends that occur across social media completely hands-free. While there’s no confirmation of what Google is holding in their hand for the future, and they’re certainly going to keep holding those cards closely. In the meantime we can capitalize on this newest announcement in the world of internet marketing.

While it is only available at the moment to select brands (we think it is due to the upcoming Super Bowl) it is still said to be rolled out to more people later this year. Google has said about Real-Time Ads, “brands will be able to instantly run an ad across YouTube, hundreds of thousands of apps, and over two million sites in our Google Display Network with a message that ties directly to the big moment that consumers just experienced”.

One of the allowed brands who is going to take this new technology out for a test-run during the Super-Bowl is website builder and hosting company, Comcast is going to use it during the Oscars, and EA Sports has already been given a go with it. It seems Google is searching for two variables to find correlation between the chance for moments, and the company using their technology. This correlative data translates to the success directly attributable to their new tech, and will help them fine-tune it for the rest of us later this year.

Why the Super Bowl? Google says that last year, viewers watched an equivalent of 1,600 years of Super Bowl ads on YouTube, more than in any year previous. They also know that 37 percent of all people watching those ads was just before the game. They have correlative data showing that the brands who capitalized on this and released full-versions before the game got more views, and social shares than those who didn’t release it online until the day of the game.