Taking classes to further your knowledge is a noble pursuit with many benefits. So many classes are being offered at remote locations or are just too expensive. Here’s how to take classes without having to leave the comfort of your own home or office.

Free Classes

You might be thinking that nothing is free out there and that it’s not possible to get educated without spending a small fortune, but that’s no longer true. Many companies are keen to offer free classes to people just to get their name out there to build loyalty and to gain attention for their brand. Some will even offer some free classes, hoping that you’ll bite and buy one of their fee-based classes, the prices of which vary widely. We’ll cover that shortly. The last group of companies offering free classes does so because they’ve figured out that the number one best way to curry favor with Google for rankings is to have AUTHORITY. There’s nothing better for building authority like being considered an expert on the subject, so they offer classes for free.

There are plenty of classes and courses out there that you can take to help build your knowledge base. Some may even be available from local community colleges or accredited colleges (think Harvard) with a grant or scholarship opportunity as well. This means there would be zero cost to you and you could potentially end up with a degree. You can also see if your employer offers anything special for you to go to school on the company. If it’s to further the job you’re currently doing so you can perform better, many will offer you part – if not all of the tuition required to do so.


Here’s where you can start looking for courses you can take for free – but if you’re looking for college courses – call your local schools and find out what you can do to attend free first. Those vary.

Pro Tip

Training/Learning how to be a better marketer is only a small part of the battle. Getting your hands dirty and applying your knowledge is the best way to grow and improve.

Almost Free

This category is rather large and very broad. It is also, by no means, complete. There are SO many places out there offering classes for marketing, including those which come with actual accreditation for almost free that it would take far more than one post to cover them all.

If you take into consideration getting something like a scholarship or a grant to take some classes, then you can get nearly any education you want, it just may take some time. If you do have a budget to spend on your education, but it is paltry at best – then there are still places out there you can get quality from on the cheap.


  • Lynda.com – Offers plenty of classes on marketing but it does require membership. It’s a small price to pay to unlock everything inside but it may just be worth it to you.
  • Udemy – As mentioned previously, also offers paid courses and they’re a great resource paid as well as free.

The last ones we’d list belong to universities and colleges all over the world because no longer are there only a few online offerings. Today there are numerous accredited colleges and universities who offer a completely online degree program. The prices and costs associated with each vary widely depending on the region, as well as other factors like potential grant funding and scholarships, as well as unknown factors like income.

Each person defines “what I can afford” as something completely unique to themselves and their lifestyle. What one can afford, another cannot no matter how hard they try. What may seem like a “reasonable” sum to one person might be outrageous to another. For these reasons, it is impossible to make a list blog post sized of all the resources that are available to you worldwide, but this is where the Google comes in handy.

Happy learning!