If you want to gain an edge in today’s market, you need to do what nearly nobody else is doing. What IS nobody else doing? When people can answer that, they may be sitting on a fortune. There is one thing that should be obvious, that everyone misses. Read on, and we’ll reveal it.

Cutting Edge

Everyone is trying to be ahead of one another, figuring out the latest cutting edge fad to take the market by storm and repeat it until it runs dry. The entire point is to be first in the surge, but being the one who figures out what “it” actually is, is rather difficult. It’s not everyone that has the timing of Microsoft, Google, Facebook or the .com boom.

Being that business repeatedly is a certain recipe for success, but it’s an impossible task to remain in first forever in a breakneck race. It’s not about the latest and greatest thing all the time, sometimes – it’s what everyone has left behind which becomes more valuable. The forgotten.


The other big angle most marketers and businesses go for is having the opportunity. They increase their opportunities by being present more often, which is where the often annoying advertisements come from – the kind you have to ‘x’ to close because they nearly cover the screen.

Google has begun to penalize sites for having these, but nothing stops a business from doing it to their own site to gate access. The more opportunities the business takes to get an email address or another form of contact, the better. This has led to email stuffing, an endless stream of low-quality advertising, and a nearly pushy social media presence. People have begun to complain at the lack of privacy in today’s world so much lately that it has changed laws.

Opportunity may disappear if businesses cannot adapt.

What You Say VS What You Do

What you say and what you do should match up. It’s never a good idea to be misleading with your prospective clients, it’s unethical and shouldn’t be done in business, it’s a sure way to lose a client before they’ve even had a chance to become loyal to you or your brand.

It’s easy to read that and think that it doesn’t apply to your own business practices because everything you’re doing is above-board. Examine how you’re marketing to your prospective clients by considering how you would feel if your own efforts were aimed at you? Having respect first and foremost in any business relationship is always a good idea if trust and loyalty are your goals.

This means not stuffing their email full of spam if they sign up just to read your content. It also means using their data respectfully and responsibly by protecting it.

The Lost Secret

This big reveal is something that’s under all of our noses but is something that fits the very first paragraph introducing this post. It’s something nearly nobody is doing and a great way to ensure you gain new clients, as well as loyalty and trust if it continues.

What is it?

Genuine care. Customer care has become a thing of the past. Businesses everywhere say they put customers first, and some even include it in their slogan or mission statement.

Actions speak louder than words unless you’re reading their reviews. If you think about the last time you had any interaction with someone in customer service, it’s probably not a remarkable memory at best, and at worst it’s an awful experience.

The worst part about the entire state of customer service at the turn of 2020 is that there isn’t any. It has become the norm to ‘not my problem’ a situation so someone else has to take care of it, only to find there is no follow-up, and customers have to call repeatedly to fix what should have been done the first time.

The jewels are the ones who value their customers and realize their worth, not as currency, but as people, a part of their community, society, & world, someone to respect and to take care with. Businesses who do this have a client base that is solid, dependable, and as loyal as they come.

People will remember the business who cares about them, who doesn’t employ bots for every part of a job or reply with a scripted message. It’s about remembering your clients’ birthdays, and wanting to! You can make such a difference just by sponsoring youth sports in your area.

Showing your prospective clients you actually care about them and will be honest in your business dealings is the only sure way to success.