Anytime the world is on the cusp of large change, big benefits await the brave who venture out to learn the ‘new’; while a source of apprehension, it is the perfect opportunity to do what many will not, and get ahead.

Walk the Path Less Traveled

Since many won’t choose to go out and learn for knowledge’s sake, most will wait until their employer is willing to pay for them to learn this needed, new skill – before their employer faces becoming outmoded, and outdated. By deciding to go out there and learn what is out there on the horizon, awaiting the bold… an employee, supervisor, manager or higher can all stand to gain much by learning while it’s new – by choice, whether an employer is willing to pay for it or not.

One of the Biggest Changes

One of the best new things out there leading up to 2020 is the automation factor, which has become more prevalent in 2019 than ever before, and there are even bigger things out there at the turn of a decade.

All marketers can agree that they’re optimistic about the benefits automation will offer to the industry, but most will also say that they feel they are unsupported by their employer when trying to better their knowledge, learn, and grow to help the company they work for. Giant recruitment firm Hays released a recent study showing 55% of marketers believe automation will add more value to the client experience, but 40% of them don’t have the skills they need to make the most of what they know to be the future.

Are You Ready?

Ironically, 53% of these employers say that their staff’s lack of knowledge about automation is their biggest barrier to its successful implementation, yet have no game plan to make that happen, to strengthen their own company, and to give instant value to their clients. 15% of these employers hired a change manager, team, agency or other – which proves that some have come prepared, and ready for the changes to come – positioned at the point of greatness.

85% have not, and now is the perfect time.

Relevance Matters

As quickly as things change in the marketing world, it’s important to ensure that content goes out which is relevant, and important for the current state of events wherever that client receiving the contact resides. This is much harder to do without automation, which includes all manner of email auto-responders, but also includes various forms of AI like Magisocial, a dashboard which is power packed with smart tech to help a company plan their posts over weeks, or months, to ensure the largest and most relevant impact.

Who is Automation For?

In the end, automation is to help the client more than the company but it certainly applies laterally to both.
If the company has more free time thanks to smart automation, there is more time for actual customer care, and for exploring ways to make tools, products, offers, tutorials, and anything else a company can think to do when there is less stress, and more free time

What automation is NOT for – is to replace the human experience entirely, and it is definitely not outsourcing customer service.

Training Troubles

63% of marketers report they have not received needed training, and 34% say that they’re seeking their own training without the support of their employer. 62% of all who responded said they firmly believe that it is their employer’s responsibility to develop their employee’s skills concerning automation. The take home here – is if an employee, don’t give up trying to involve the employer, and if the employer – then investing in the employees IS an investment in the company.