If you didn’t know that over targeting was a ‘thing’, now you do. It’s when retargeting goes horribly wrong. People are universally great at overdoing nearly everything, and marketing is no exception. We can help you get your balance just right.

Better AI, Better Targeting

As AI has gotten better, it has helped develop better search algorithms, which in turn – has led to better analytics, and the ability to micro target people. A company or individual could pin their audience down to the tiniest scraps of information and use that to market to them.

It isn’t hard to notice either when you yourself are surfing the Web and seem to harmlessly be searching Google for a variety of reasons. After searching, you go onto Facebook and refresh the site only to find new ads targeting you for the very things you were looking at, harmlessly, without even buying, or clicking on, while searching Google. It’s this very technology that made marketing so much easier, that has also ruined it for everyone thanks to the inability to pull in the reins by less ethical marketers.

Too Much of a Good Thing

People misuse everything from tobacco to gambling and plenty in between, including technology. All of this advertisement ‘bombing’ is causing frustration for people, as well as a good deal of mistrust. It has been a non-stop barrage for most consumers, who have had to get ad-blockers and plenty else to keep themselves safe online, and free of irritations.

Advertising using ‘in your face’ methods are over, and people value their privacy now more than ever according to data from Kantar, a research data, and insight consultancy.

Build Your Brand

Who you are will matter more than ever in 2019, and well beyond. People care about what matters to you these days and some will refuse to support a business whose core values go against their own. With the rise in influencers and their popularity, the word gets out quickly when things go wrong. The opposite is also true when things go right, loyal supporters may post photos and captions on social media for you. Your brand matters the most, and building that by building trust, and rapport with your audience is paramount. Gone are the days of shady marketing.

Why You Can Drop It

Analytics is still everything, the entire point is to use restraint, or become over-regulated. Real data lies in analytics, and by doing actual testing, setting goals, reachable targets, and gentle marketing tactics which respect the client.

All any business needs to do is track this, and set plans to improve on the results of that data at regular intervals. Your audience will appreciate the respect, the fact that you’re not bombarding their email repeatedly, and not misusing their data. This is how to grow loyalty and the only solid way to keep it – through trust. But you need to earn it.

Effort & Personalization

People appreciate the personal touch these days because it’s not found as often. Showing a person they’re more than data to your business is huge to the client, and not difficult to do for the business.

The fact that a marketing team has access to all a person’s information shared with them is something which is beginning to disappear. What access there still is, will be regulated to varying degrees based on the location of the site and that site’s audience. If businesses used that information to instead, wish the client a happy birthday or give them something small for that day, or anything else which would serve to make them happy to see and not annoyed by – there would be no need for regulations. This is the goal of every business.

Analytics are Everywhere

Most sites will allow you to check how your Page or site is performing. Those that don’t, you can have tracked in a variety of ways, either by manual count or by using some variety of add-on (where allowed and doesn’t break the terms of service) which would display this. Some programs may also allow a way to see where people are within a site while they’re browsing a site. We have one in mind we’re excited to announce soon which shows where people spend the most time on your site and plenty more.