There is no way you haven’t heard about what’s going down with Facebook and Twitter, it’s all over every channel out there. Most of the reactions are fear – where do you stand?

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Do you have a strategy for this? This is a question that most people have to say no to, because it’s just bad business to suddenly pull your largest money-makers – who would have suspected? There are a lot of people running scared, because they based their entire business on Facebook alone.

Here’s how to fix this …and it’s not so bad

Facebook has already said that they won’t promote any stories, ads or otherwise which say to ‘click this’ ‘comment’ ‘like’ or ‘share’. So that one’s easy, just don’t do that!

Don’t request people tag their friends either, it’s annoying and Facebook knows it.

A good one you can do is to make more Facebook Live videos. You may need to get creative with some ideas, but they will still highly promote their own services. This is one area you can gain an edge.

Don’t ask for reactions either. These are big areas Facebook has cracked down on because they want reactions to feel more natural and not as a forced tool.

Buffer seems to have a fair guess to how it works, though nobody knows the secrets like Facebook itself. They say things that matter to News Feed Content Ranking are:

News Feed Content Rankings

  • Average time spent on the content
  • Someone shares the link over Messenger
  • Multiple replies to comments on a video
  • Overall engagement
  • When it was posted
  • Story type
  • Informational value

What Is Facebook Trying To Accommplish

Facebook’s entire point is to make the content which is available, also meaningful. If you can provide that to people without a glaringly obvious angle, you may not suffer too terribly.

The take home from this is, don’t put all your marketing efforts into one site. The internet is a capricious thing, and it changes so quickly that it’s adapt or die.

There are plenty of other sites which may even be better suited for your business presence than Facebook, like LinkedIn where plenty of professionals moved when the rumors of this coming hit the fan.

There is also Twitter, which, despite the rather poor press lately is still surviving.

What Do I Do?

Ensure that the content you publish, and support, is noble of mind and quality – in other words, you want to write something you would be proud to show your parents or the ones you love. It must be authentic, factual, backed by studies if possible, or a widely considered authority in the field (like The Wall Street Journal).

As long as you are providing excellent customer service and care, with a strong online presence, you will do well in 2018.

Quality matters more than ever, as does a uniquely human touch in a world dominated by automation.