Text Deliver Review

Product Description: An SMS Autoresponder Platform For Internet Marketers
Monthly: $27
Yearly: $197

Created by: Mark Thompson & Cindy Donovan

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Text Deliver


TextDeliver is certainly worth its asking price, and there’s little more to say for a one-time deal that gives so much in terms of a business investment toward success. [4.5/5]


Here’s the meat of the program, it’s how useful it is for doing what would take a massive team of marketers to do normally. There are a ton of folks out there who have their own small businesses, and overhead is expensive. Having a program to snip away at the things that take up a ton of time and don’t utilize your creative energy to its fullest is a no brainer. Most small business owners need to utilize tools that can save them time and money because they can’t afford to employ the staff required to get the job done. [5/5]

User Friendliness

This program is so easy to use, so easy to navigate and seamlessly integrate with email auto-responders. Plus, it makes life really easy as well, by taking away a job that feels a lot like a chore, but a necessary one. [4/5]


There is an impressive level of support from TextDeliver, with 24/7 online customer support which is almost unheard of. There is also a money-back guarantee attached for the first 30 days. [4/5]


Here TextDeliver shines brightly. We’d give it a 10 in terms of value in our ranking if there were enough stars. Packed full of everything needed to run a successful campaign. For one thing, it’s got no limitation on the number of subscribers – which, as far as we could tell, none of the competition was offering, at least nowhere near this price point. You get in-depth insights, can reply and manage directly from the dashboard, has a way to schedule messages, integrates so easily with top industry leaders, and – in the hot mess of 2018, has something ABSOLUTELY necessary. FULL TPCA and CTIA compliance without having to worry about breaking international privacy regulations. [5/5]

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